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Ursa And Generations. Essays - Kryptonians, Ursa, Gayl Jones

Ursa And Generations. Ursa and Generations. It is hard to concoct a coherent clarification of why Ursa's primary care physicians chose to evacuate her belly and in this manner leaving her barren in the wake of enduring a tumble down the steps. She was portrayed as a quarter of a year pregnant at the hour of the fall, so her losing the embryo bodes well, yet this scarcely appears to legitimize taking her belly out. Ursa puts full fault on Mutt and he stands apart as the consistent individual toward whom she harbors every last bit of her disdain. He was flushed at the hour of her mishap and from earlier record Mutt was madly envious, defensive and didn't need Ursa working. One can not help however wonder what number of people of color during this time of American History were given hysterectomies for nonsensical reasons. It appears Ursa's feelings are pulled in various ways. Tragically, she not just needed to manage the physical and enthusiastic torment of not having the option to hold up under kids yet additionally stood up to the truth that the historical backdrop of her family and Corregidora would end with her. Now and again, I thought that it was narrow minded of Great-Gram and Gram to trouble the account of Corregidora on Ursa at such a youthful age. I comprehend that they didn't wish their history and recollections to bite the dust with them, yet the manner by which Ursa reacts with her feelings demonstrated to me she was damaged by their recollections. When she got fruitless, she couldn't totally mend inwardly, and she believed she was not finished or not lady enough since she didn't have a belly. Ursa turned into the vessel of Gram's and Great-Gram's unrecorded history, and regardless of whether she didn't have any acquaintance with it, she was loaded up with all their hurt, outrage and mortification. The path for her to discharge these sentiments would have been to make ages and pass on the family story, something the careful evacuation of her belly denied her. At the point when she returns to Mutt at long last, it might appear that she has gone around and back to the man who hurt her in the first place, yet I accept she had at last recuperated and had pardoned him as well as the ages before her and even herself for letting her Gram and Great-Gram down. Film and Television

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The Sampling Strategies Are Identified Sociology Essay

The Sampling Strategies Are Identified Sociology Essay Tikanga alludes to the method of doing right and right things. The conventional and customs that have been passed on through the sections of time. It alludes to how scientists enter the exploration network, arrange their investigation and philosophy, behave as a specialist and as an individual, and connect with the individuals requires a wide scope of social aptitudes and sensitivities. Analysts must be aware and socially suitable while connecting with indigenous networks. Kawa alludes to qualities, convictions and conventions, for example, working with Maori wellbeing suppliers. Maori boards of trustees who have iwi and Hapu reps.This gathering can bolster the examination through: Tika, checking the exploration plan; Manaakitanga, exhorting about social and social issues; Mann, guaranteeing equity and value for Maori and backing with members .It includes aggregate support by individuals from a network inside a significant occasion Amount A share test is advantageously chosen by pre-indicated qualities explicit to the examination subject. Attributes might be as per age, sexual orientation, calling, determination, ethnicity, etc. For example, a standard example might be chosen by the remark as 30 Maori females and 20 Maori guys diabetes whose age is from 35 to 55 out of a gathering Result 2 2.1 Sampling procedures are executed as per kaupapa Maori Amount inspecting Amount inspecting is a strategy for choosing review members. In quantity inspecting, a populace is first fragmented into fundamentally unrelated sub-gathering. At that point choice is utilized to choose the subjects from each section dependent on a predetermined extent. For instance, a questioner might be advised to test 50 females Maori diabetes and 30 guys Maori diabetes between the age of 45 and 60. This implies people can put an interest on who they need to test. In quantity examining, the choice of the example is non-irregular example and can be problematic. For instance, questioners may be enticed to meet those individuals in a single emergency clinic where looks the most supportive, or may decide to utilize incidental examining to scrutinize those nearest to them, for time-keeping purpose. The issue is that these examples might be one-sided in light of the fact that not every person gets an opportunity of determination. Irregular example An irregular example is a subset of people that are haphazardly chosen from a populace. Since analysts for the most part can't acquire information from everyone in a gathering, a littler bit is haphazardly chosen to speak to the whole gathering all in all. The objective is to acquire an example that is illustrative of the bigger populace. Subjects in the populace are tested by an arbitrary procedure, utilizing either an irregular number generator or an arbitrary number table, with the goal that every individual staying in the populace has a similar likelihood of being chosen for the example. Defined arbitrary inspecting A defined example is a testing procedure where the scientist separated the whole objective populace into various subgroups, or layers, and afterward haphazardly chooses the last subjects relatively from the various layers. This kind of testing is utilized when the scientist needs to feature explicit subgroups inside the populace. For instance, to acquire a delineated example of diabetes of Maori, the analyst would initially arrange the populace by age gathering and afterward select suitable quantities of 20 to 30, 30 to 40, 40 to 50 and 50 to 60. This guarantees the analyst has sufficient measures of subjects from each age hole in the last example. 2.2 Sampling systems are executed as per neighborhood iwi or hapu prerequisites. 1. The analyst should attempt to build up an agreeable working relationship with neighborhood iwi and Hapu, for instance, take some food or monetary award to impart to individuals who takes an interest in the examination and whanau. 2. Maori culture ought to be regarded by specialist during the time of research. Scientist should utilize the material cautiously which is from the members. Ensure utilizing them accurately and fittingly. 3. After all the investigates are done, the scientist ought to illuminate the members and whanau what has been picked and written in the report and approach the allowing for utilizing those data in the report. Result 3 3.1 The effect of colonization on hauora at provincial and national levels is examined as per culture customs. Colonization has hugy affected Maori wellbeing. Social elements like neediness, substandard lodging, serious congestion, poor gauges of local and network cleanliness, racial segregation, instructive hindrances, high joblessness rates and substantial reliance on social government assistance alongside constrained access to moderate and nutritious food and poor comprehension of wellbeing and nourishment all expansion the danger of incessant malady in indigenous individuals. Maori Provincial : He tangata I kakahuria ke te rimu noana e kore e ora ki te noho tuawhenua; which implies truly: an individual secured with kelp won't endure staying inland. It gives a feeling that for an individual acclimated with living by the ocean side and devouring kaimoana/fish, they will experience issues in changing in accordance with living inland in an altogether unique condition. At the point when Europeans went to these terrains, things changed, and today we see that Maoris have gotten dependent on quick nourishments, and high-chance practices like poor sustenance, liquor misuse, cigarette smoking and a stationary way of life. Westernized ways of life likewise directed customary feast times which Maori didn't/don't frequently hold fast to. National : Pushed by the European to low lying towns, Maori deserted them plant roots, kã… Â «mara, fish, flying creatures and berries, and they advanced to nourishments like flour, sugar, tea, salted pork, potatoes, alongside smoking, liquor and medication abuse, less exercise, over-eating, and long haul joblessness. While irresistible illnesses declined and populace decrease eased back, urbanization achieved other wellbeing dangers with this adjustment in way of life and hereditary impacts. Most Maori who live in denied regions and have low salary are progressively inclined to less sound. There is a solid connection among diabetes and low salary (low financial), low quality of life, social hardship and furthermore restricted access to medicinal services administrations. Different INDIGENOUS : THE NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS Territorial : Years back, Native Americans didn't have diabetes. Seniors can review times when individuals chased and assembled nourishment for basic suppers. Individuals strolled a great deal. Presently, in some Native people group, one out of two grown-ups has diabetes. A chasing gathering way of life doesn't support overabundance food utilization. Most of time is gone through in resource with irregular dining experiences, and intermittent starvations. During times of food bounty, the capacity to spare overabundance vitality for starvation (i.e., be frugal) would give a specific bit of leeway, and the qualities would spread all through the populace. As of now, most indigenous people groups live inactive, westernized ways of life. Food is abundant, and minimal physical work is required. Be that as it may, the frugal qualities are still in real life. They advance an excess of insulin, stoutness, and type 2diabetes. The some time ago versatile frugal quality is a maladaptive remainder of a chasing gathering way of life. National : Native Americans and Diabetes since the appearance of Columbus in 1492, American Indians have been in a consistent battle with ailments. It may not be little pox any longer, yet diseases are as yet frequenting the local populace. As per insights, Native Americans have a lot higher paces of malady than the general populace. This incorporates a higher passing rate from liquor abuse, tuberculosis, and diabetes than some other racial or ethnic gathering. Late examinations by Indian wellbeing specialists show that diabetes among Indian youth ages 15-19 has expanded 54% since 1996 and 40% of Indian youngsters are overweight. Despite the fact that diabetes rates differ extensively among the Native American populace, passings caused from diabetes are 230 percent more prominent than the United States populace in general. Diabetes is an expanding emergency among the Native American populace. 3.2 The effect of colonization on the social base and the impacts these have on wellbeing are broke down as per social traditions. Maori Customs and language : During and after colonization Maori customs and language were dominant part absorption by westernized. In light of absorption approach the youthful Maori ages were isolated from Kaumatau, whanau, hapu and iwi. The older information, customs and language were diminished the jobs in network. Language is an essential piece of character. In the decades following the marking of the Treaty, the quantity of local speakers diminished to where the language was ceasing to exist. Government has over the most recent 20 years upheld indigenous endeavors to restore te reo through kohanga reo (preschool language homes) and kura kaupapa (schools). Numerous Maori utilize English for day by day living however specialists may meet more established Maori who want to talk te reo, and more youthful Maori who attest their privileges to banter in their own language. The specialist ought to know about accessible interpretation benefits in their locale and ought to figure out how to art iculate Maori words accurately. This can be an incredible methods for drawing in with Maori patients and upgrade the opportunity of building up a solid remedial relationship. The absence of information about Maori customs and language impact on giving wellbeing administrations in effective results and a solid social conviction that stress can exacerbate manifestations, drove them to keep away from extensive conversation of difficulties. So the kaupapa research and Tikanga Best Practice were propelled to be rules for social insurance suppliers in essential and auxiliary. Tapu and noa, profound ideas which have regularly been misjudged, are viewed as underpinnings of an arrangement of general wellbeing where otherworldly and social wellbeing are connected with components of physical wellbeing. Maori a

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Essay Topics For Fourth Grade

Essay Topics For Fourth GradeWriting a good essay for fourth grade can be challenging, especially if the topic doesn't have a lot of known vocabulary. You will need to know your topic and what kinds of things are common in that topic. It will help to have some familiarity with the type of education the child has had to have.Most fifth graders will have gone through college level courses, whether on campus or in a home setting. This will help them to learn a lot of material that is common in other settings. In addition, they might have learned a lot about topics in history, science, math, and other subjects.There may be a lot of references to a particular subject or idea, but each student has his or her own version of the same idea. This means that the students should take the time to read about it, discuss it, and decide if it is suitable for this particular topic. This will help them have a better understanding of the topic and see if they are comfortable with the idea.By taking the time to do a little research on the topic, you will have a better understanding of how to find good essay topics for fourth grade. You will need to learn how to read the topics for possible topics. The topics for fourth grade might cover such subjects as a pet's personality, who he or she likes to play with, or who their favorite celebrity is.After the topic is chosen, you will want to write your own essay to add more information. You will want to go over what the reader will learn about the topic and how the topic will relate to the reader. This will help the reader understand the topic easier and learn it more quickly.By knowing some vocabulary, you will be able to write more appropriate essay topics for fourth grade. You might be able to use it in your essay as part of the essay's vocabulary or as an example of a common term in that topic. If you know the subject well, you will be able to use words that the reader will relate to and be able to find the right words to express the idea.The second part of writing a great essay for fourth grade is finding the right examples. By using your own experiences or those of someone else who has had some experience with the topic, you will be able to find examples. Having an example will give the student an idea about what to include in the essay.The next step to writing good essay topics for fourth grade is to begin writing the essay in this format. Be sure to practice the ideas, review your writing, and get feedback from the teacher and others involved in the project. This will help you be able to write a good essay on a variety of topics.

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How Can You Help Soldiers That Have Served For You

How can you help soldiers that have served for you? Soldiers over time have struggled with multiple disorders and one these disorders is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.Soldiers and veterans struggle with balancing combat experiences; as well as, trying to live a normal life. Hundreds of thousands of United States veterans are not able to leave the horrors of the war battlefield behind.Over time there have been to many soldiers and veterans that struggle with PTSD other known as Post-Traumatic stress disorder. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is the reason why these strong and courageous military service member cannot live a normal life once discharge due to the things they have seen or done in combat . One out of every five military†¦show more content†¦Post traumatic stress disorder has many effects on people in everyday life ; such as ,the effects in family, friends, and even careers. Post traumatic stress disorder is quite common in today s military. The reason for this can somewhat be explained in the definition of PTSD . The type of anxiety disorder that comes from an event in which you ve seen or experienced a traumatic event that involved the threat of injury or death. Our soldiers, while they are deployed, are faced with that potentially fatal threat everyday overseas. This is why PTSD is most common in soldiers; however , there are also a number of cases of PTSD in civilians too . PTSD also has a significant effect on your friends and family etc. â€Å"The author , a leading feminist researcher , discusses The National Center of the PTSD among soldiers and veterans . This site offers the details behind dealing with post - traumatic stress disorder and the proper way to deal with those who as well suffer such as friends , family etc . The National Center for PTSD part of the Department of Veterans Affairs , provides information about the post - traumatic stress disorder to help soldiers deal with the real world versus the war world , letting th em know that things will be okay , they re also support groups for loved ones ; as well as for example showing key steps to let you know how you could help your loves come at peace with their war experiences ’’(Karen)

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Gay Celebrities in Interracial Marriages and Relationships

Interracial marriages occur more frequently among gay couples than they do among their heterosexual counterparts. Data from the 2010 census reveals that 20.6 percent of same-sex couples are interracial. That’s more than two percentage points higher than the amount of unmarried heterosexual couples (18.3 percent) in interracial relationships, and more than double the amount of married heterosexual couples (9.5 percent) in such relationships. Given the prevalence of cross-cultural relationships in the gay community, it’s no wonder that many of the celebrities who’ve come out as gay in recent years have partners of a different race. Learn more about the gay celebrities in interracial marriages and relationships with this list rundown. Robin Roberts and Amber Laign Robin Roberts came out as gay in a Facebook post in December 2013, making her arguably the most famous black lesbian in the country. The co-host of â€Å"Good Morning America† has fought breast cancer and a rare blood disorder called myelodysplastic syndrome in recent years. One of the reasons she chose to finally come out is to recognize the support she’s received from her longtime girlfriend, Amber Laign, who is white. â€Å"At this moment I am at peace and filled with joy and gratitude,† Roberts wrote. I am grateful to God, my doctors and nurses for my restored good health. I am grateful for my sister, Sally-Ann, for being my donor and giving me the gift of life.I am grateful for my entire family, my long time girlfriend, Amber, and friends as we prepare to celebrate a glorious new year together. I am grateful for the many prayers and well wishes for my recovery. I return every one of them to you 100 fold.† When Robert identified Laign as her girlfriend in a Facebook post, the couple had been involved for a decade, according to reports. Roberts and Laign live in an apartment together in New York, and their relationship was known to the ABC News staff. Roberts may have decided to go public with the relationship because she’s writing a memoir, to be released in April 2014, about the health problems she’s overcome. Mario Cantone and Jerry Dixon After 20 years together, comedian Mario Cantone, an Italian American, and Jerry Dixon, an African American, wed in October 2011. He announced his nuptials to the musical theater director on ABC’s â€Å"The View,† the chat show where he frequently serves as guest co-host. â€Å"We’re older now. We’ve been together 20 years,† said Cantone on   the talk show. â€Å"After 20 years you’re like, ‘Thanks for the anti-climactic honeymoon, government!’† Cantone, of course, was taking aim at the government for preventing same-sex couples from marrying. On a more serious note, Cantone revealed that his family members attended the wedding and that Jay Bakker, the son of late evangelist Tammy Faye Bakker Messner, conducted the ceremony. Wanda and Alex Sykes Comedienne Wanda Sykes, who is African American, wed her white wife, Alex, in 2008. The couple has two children together. Before her marriage to Alex, Sykes was married to a man. Sykes remarked on â€Å"Oprah’s Next Chapter† that she didn’t come out to her mother until she was 40 years old. It took several years for her mother to accept Syke’s sexual orientation, the comedienne told Oprah Winfrey. Sykes also said that as a black woman and a lesbian she faces three different forms of discrimination. In addition, she finds objection to same-sex marriage to be peculiar. â€Å"I don’t understand why people really get upset about something that doesn’t affect them,† she said. â€Å"And I say, do you know how many people got married yesterday? Neither do I and I don’t care.† Alec Mapa and Jamison Hebert Actor Alec Mapa of â€Å"Half Half† and â€Å"Ugly Betty† fame married filmmaker Jamison Hebert in 2008. Mapa is Filipino and Hebert is white. The two have an adopted African-American son named Zion. Mapa has said that he still faces discrimination because of his relationship. He recalled the time he and his family entered the United States after a jaunt to Mexico and a customs agent behaved rudely toward them. â€Å"He was really brusque — he said, ‘You know we don’t recognize this federally, it’s the United States,’† Mapa recounted. After the customs agent spotted the couple’s young son, however, he relented. George and Brad Takei Actor George Takei of â€Å"Star Trek† fame married his husband, Brad, in 2008. Takei is Japanese-American and his husband is white. The couple had been together for 26 years before tying the knot. They married when the state of California finally allowed same-sex couples to wed. Takei’s husband, born Brad Altman, decided to take his last name, legally changing it after the marriage ceremony. â€Å"I argued with him on that,† Takei explained to â€Å"Access Hollywood Live.† â€Å"He wanted to become a Takei.†

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The Culture That Changed My Life - 817 Words

There’s a subtle yet significant difference in the culture that was created before me and the culture I was raised in. In addition to the culture that was created before my birth, the culture I was raised in included the distinctions made by my parents which seemed different from that of the older generations. In addition, due to a world on the technological fast track, my parents and my culture was much more complex than that of my grandmother. My mother, MW, states that she tended to be a bit more rebellious than her older brother which was much more out of line than my family was used to. She stated that, as far as she could remember, everyone in our family had always followed all the rules. She stated that she acted out a bit and was never fully satisfied with the simple life she was born into. My mother wasn’t wild by any means but she tended to stay out after curfew and associate with people that were not known well by my family. This was weird for our family beca use most had always been so obedient and closed off. My mother said that she didn’t think we were purposely closed off but after centuries of relying on family and not having the means or motivation to wonder far outside our tight-knitted community bond were formed that created a very intimate group within the small population of our country town. MW also states that things were changing for women. Women rights were being advocated for but in the small community in which she grew up, times tended to advanceShow MoreRelatedHow Russian Culture Has Changed My Life1292 Words   |  6 PagesRussian culture has always had a big impact on my life as a mixed, Russian/Black individual. And as most Russians will tell you, food is a huge part of their culture. I grew up with so many diverse food on my plate over the year and simply assumed that that was just what everyone ate until I started going to school and noticing other kids lunches, and they started to notice mine. But at the he art of my semi-Russian experience there are four foods that seem to best capture the ideal Russian dishesRead MoreBusi 5601416 Words   |  6 Pagesdecisions about business ethics? My personal view on how much impact should my believes influence my business, or whatever decision I make is that it should be fully Involved. My decisions that I make should constantly reflect in what I claim to believe in.   To what extent do your personal religious (or non-religious) beliefs about life impact your sense of business ethics and personal decision-making? Again my personal view about my beliefs in life should be fully involve to where it isRead MoreDifferent Types Of Cultures When The Class First Began864 Words   |  4 Pagespaper stands to explore my initial perspective on different types of cultures when the class first began. It will include a detailed explanation of a couple of activities that not only challenged but impacted my perspective on culture, as well as how that perspective changed as a result of those activities. I also plan to talk about how my new understandings of these cultures can impact my future as far as thinking and behavior. And I will provide explanations as to how my new understandings can beRead MoreA Flight That Changed My Life713 Words   |  3 Pageschanging the very manner in which they view life and perceive it. My story might not outstanding to other pe ople, but for me, it was a spectacular changed. For years in my life, I would never forget the first time I had my first flight. My family and I immigrated to a new country that I never thought of. Because of that flight, my life had changed from one culture to a different culture in just 24 hours on the airplane It was winter in 2006 when my family and I decided to move out of the countryRead MoreCulture : Culture And Culture852 Words   |  4 PagesCulture has many definitions, but is mostly defined as a set of beliefs, behaviors, customs, and ways of life that are shared and accepted by people in a society, moreover, culture is learned. Culture has an impact on how we communicate, therefore, the way we interact and communicate with others is influenced by our particular culture in which we live. My culture affects the way in which I communicate with people that I come in contact with, on a daily basis. I, like most people, live within manyRead MorePersonal Experience on Culture and Gender Issues748 Words   |  3 Pagesthroughout this course. Topics such as culture, sex and gender, and education are part of my everyday life. By learning about these different ideas and beliefs, I have absorbed many different opinions about culture, sex and gender, and a huge part in education. Culture is a delicate word. If I told you what was the definition of culture was at the beginning of the semester, I believed that it revolved around similarity. I recognized that there was a different culture around the world. I just did not recognizeRead MoreThe Popularity Of Popular Culture1369 Words   |  6 PagesSeptember 21, 2014 Ms. Brown American popular culture Popular culture is made by the mainstream to influencing minds to like something. It describes the life style and tastes of the majority of mostly younger people. Some random popular culture these past few years would be; The Hunger Games, dubstep, raving, Illuminati theories, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Gucci, Polo, and these are just a few things from popular culture these past years. Popular culture affected me in many ways. I would say comicRead MoreChapter 30 Thought And Culture During World Wars And Totalitarianism971 Words   |  4 PagesChapter 30-Thought and Culture in an Era of World Wars and Totalitarianism Reflection After World War I, many different things occurred in Europe. The relationships between the different European powers changed. The economies and governments of each country changed. Even the people changed in different forms due to their country s successes of failures. However, two things that changed in which most people neglect is thought and culture. After the world wars, the thoughts of the enlightenmentRead MoreIndigenous People Essay1266 Words   |  6 PagesFor the first two weeks of my class, I had no idea where I was headed in terms of my learning experience but I soon found out. During the first week we had to define â€Å"indigenous identity† which by the way was a foreign language to me. After I determined the meaning of it (because there were so many choices) I settled on the meaning â€Å"that what connects a person or people by their culture, race, beliefs and way of life†. I never considered or included myself a part of that definition because I thought Read MoreThe Is My Heart And My Soul, America, My Mind And Spirit, By Leah Lee Essay1301 Words   |  6 Pagesawareness of one’s own culture and a recognition of the social group to which one belongs in practice.† (117). Everyone has an identity that was created by culture. Everyone have a culture that they were born into, sometimes with a mix of two or three cultures. Each culture has different values and traditions that conflict a person’s decision in life. However, having different cultures make one interesting to learn about and explore the cultures. Cultures define my life with romance, traditions

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Demand and Supply of Homes in Australia -

Question: Discuss about theDemand and Supply of Homes in Australiafor Practices. Answer: In the recent years, the demand for homes in Australia has been on the increase. Studies show that the surging demand for houses in this country results from non-price factors. Foremost, major cities like Melbourne and Sydney are experiencing high population influx. As more individuals settle in these towns, the demand for homes has increased considerably. The rising demand for homes has also resulted from the low cost of borrowing for homes and improved access to credit. Moreover, increase in the incomes of Australians and tax concessions on housing have amplified the demand for homes in Australia. The rising demand has increased the price of homes and Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne are among the places where the price of homes is exceedingly high globally(Dufty-Jones Rogers, 2016). Figure 1: Increase in Demand The rise in demand for dwellings in Australias housing market is shown by the shift of demand curve from D1 to D2. Consequently, the number of homes demanded increases from Q to Q1 and the price also rises from P to P1. The table one below depicts the annual change in residential property prices. Sydney and Melbourne recorded the highest increase in the price of houses, that is, 14.4% and 13.4% respectively(Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2017). Table 1: Extracted from Australian Bureau of Statistics Supply of Homes While the demand for dwellings has been on the rise, the supply has not responded to put the surging demand in check. Research shows that several factors are impeding the delivery of homes in Australia. For example, the approval of structures is delayed by government bureaucracies. Insufficient provision of vital infrastructures like roads, water and sewerage and difficulties in obtaining finances among the property developers also hinder the delivery of new housing units to the market(Dufty-Jones Rogers, 2016). The aftermath of this situation has been shortages and prices increases. Elasticity The price elasticity of demand for dwellings in Australias housing industry is inelastic. This reasoning is based on the fact that a house is a necessity and that is why the demand is high regardless of the price increase. Also, the alternatives to owning a home are limited, that is, renting or residing with a relative. High rental fee worsens the situation for Australians. Bibliography Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2017, June 20). 6416.0 - Residential Property Price Indexes: Eight Capital Cities, Mar 2017. Retrieved August 27th, 2017, from Dufty-Jones, R., Rogers, D. (2016). Housing in 21st-Century Australia: People, Practices and Policies. London ; New York : Routledge.